Authorities in Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus Take Down Crypto Scam Network

Authorities Shut Down Crypto Scams Across Europe

The recent fight against crypto-related scams in Europe is heavily supported by authorities in Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus. After months of joint investigation carried out by the police departments of these four nations, a crypto scam network has been taken down, with nearly 82 malicious websites blocked and over $2.3 million in stolen funds retrieved.

5 Month International Investigation

A coordinated effort between law enforcement officials from the four countries began in April of this year, with the goal of tracking down the people involved in fraudulent activities related to cryptocurrency. After conducting extensive research, police ultimately pinpointed the people responsible for creating and managing multiple fake investment websites.

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Stealing Over $2.3 Million In Crypto Funds

The international investigation revealed that the scam group had amassed over $2.3 million in cryptocurrency funds from unsuspecting victims, by promising high returns and encouraging them to invest in a series of shady deals. Insiders from the group were even able to use malicious scripts to manipulate Google search results, making their scam sites appear at the top of search engine results.

Fraudulent Practices Exposed

The investigation revealed a wide range of fraudulent practices that the scammers had used, including false advertisements, falsified documents, and fake testimonies. Some members of the group had even resorted to extorting victims through threats and blackmail.

82 Crypto Scam Websites Taken Down

Thanks to the combined efforts of the authorities from Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus, all 82 scam websites were shut down and the funds were returned to their rightful owners. Additionally, two people have been detained, with further investigation ongoing in order to identify further members of the fraudulent ring.

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In Conclusion

The coordinated efforts of authorities in the four countries have successfully exposed a crypto scam network responsible for stealing over $2.3 million in digital currencies. The takedown of the websites and the apprehension of the perpetrators is a reminder that law enforcement is taking the fight against crypto-related crimes seriously.

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