Can Antoine Riard’s Lightning Network Proposal Mitigate Channel Jamming Attacks?

You’ve been hearing a lot about the Lightning Network recently and its potential to revolutionize the blockchain space, but what about its real-world applications? Antoine Riard has recently proposed a way for the Lightning Network to help avert channel jamming attacks, an issue that could potentially cripple the network. Let’s take a look at how this proposal fits into the larger picture.

What are Channel Jamming Attacks?

Channel Jamming Attacks are malicious attempts by an actor to disrupt the Lightning Network’s operations. This kind of attack involves sending numerous conflicting payments along a single channel, leading to an inability for nodes (or software clients) to process the requests in a timely fashion.

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This attack is highly disruptive, as the Lightning Network relies on open channels for payments to move between members. If a channel is jammed, those members cannot send or receive payments, potentially leading to a significant drain on user funds.

What Does the Proposal Entail?

Antoine Riard’s proposal involves creating a mechanism whereby users can punish those attempting to attack the Lightning Network. This is done by computing the amount of money that users are willing to risk in their attack, and then rewarding those who report the attack with a portion of those funds. This incentivizes users to monitor the network and report attacks, helping to prevent further disruption.

The proposal also includes a way for users to increase the potential penalty for an attack by staking their own funds. This will give users an added incentive to protect the network, as the penalty for an attack may be much steeper than just lost funds.

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Will This Proposal Keep the Network Secure?

It’s unclear whether this proposal will be successful in thwarting future attacks, as the ultimate success of any security mechanism depends on the skill and commitment of its users.

What is clear is that Antoine Riard’s proposal is a welcome addition to the discussion on how to keep the Lightning Network secure. With its potential to create an incentive structure that reinforces members’ good behavior, this proposal could be a crucial part of protecting the network in the long run.


Channel Jamming Attacks threaten the future of the Lightning Network, but Antoine Riard’s proposal to mitigate them is a worthy contribution to the discussion. This proposal could incentivize users to act in the best interest of the network and create a structure that rewards their good behavior. At the very least, it’s something worth exploring further.

Happy Lightning Networking—and don’t forget to have fun!

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