EU Agencies Take Aim At Cross-Border Crypto Scammers!

It’s official – the European Union is taking on crypto scammers! Recently, four of the EU’s agencies have announced plans to work together to clamp down on the illegal activities of cross-border crypto scammers.

What Kinds of Crypto Scams Are They Aiming To Stop?

At the center of this new initiative, are crypto asset scams. Traditional fraud forms like that of wire transfer scams and Ponzi schemes are also being targeted by the agencies.

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The EU agency coalition has made clear that cryptocurrency and financial assets need to be treated with the same rigor as any other financial products. This means both the companies that deal with these assets and the investors need to be more vigilant and aware while engaging in activities related to them.

What The EU Agencies Hopes To Achieve

The EU agency coalition hopes to achieve the following:

  • Ensure cross-border investor protection: The EU is looking to create a more capable framework to protect investors from being taken advantage of by malicious crooks.
  • Combat Crypto Scams: The EU is taking the necessary steps to ensure that scammers are unable to take advantage of the lack of regulation and law enforcement in the world of crypto assets.
  • Provide Investor Education: The agencies are looking to provide education on how to recognize and avoid scams related to crypto assets and other financial products.

Good Luck EU! We’re Rootin’ For Ya!

So, the EU is sending out some serious warning shots to cross-border crypto scammers – they better watch out! We’re Crossing our fingers that this additional layer of protection will ensure investors are able to take part in the crypto world without being taken advantage of.

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