Former FTX US Big Boss Launches New Company With Help From Anthony Scaramucci

It seems that the former head of FTX US, Mark Lamb, is getting back in the game with a new company, backed by none other than American financier and media personality Anthony Scaramucci. Scaramucci’s venture capital firm SkyBridge Capital is joining with Lamb on the new venture.

The announcement comes as quite a surprise to some as Scaramucci is best known as an unconventional billionaire and vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Lamb, on the other hand, is a long-time tech entrepreneur who has most recently been beefing up the US arm of the blockchain-focused exchange FTX for the last 2 years.

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What We Know About Lamb’s New Company

Little is known about the specifics of Lamb’s new venture, but what we do know is that it will focus on alternative capital markets, including non-traditional investments like cryptocurrencies. Lamb told reporters that “we are looking to invest and innovate across the full breadth of the nascent digital asset space.” He also stated that “the traditional investment landscape is rapidly changing, creating huge opportunities for those with the vision and commitment to take on complex financial challenges.”

Notably, the new venture is being supported by both SkyBridge Capital and Lamb’s own venture fund, Othera Capital. SkyBridge was founded by Scaramucci and has invested in a range of start-ups, including cryptocurrency exchanges. Othera is Lamb’s own venture fund, and is focused on helping entrepreneurs “start and grow their businesses.”

Why This Is Significant

There is a lot at stake with this new venture, given the involvement of two powerful figures like Scaramucci and Lamb. Scaramucci’s involvement is especially noteworthy, as he has become increasingly involved in the crypto space. This has come as a surprise to some, as he is a vocal supporter of President Trump who has previously been critical of Bitcoin.

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On the other hand, Lamb has been making waves in the tech and finance industries for his work at FTX US. His insights and knowledge of the digital asset space have led to a significant growth in the platform’s customer base and usage. With the support of Scaramucci and his own venture fund, Lamb is in a unique position to bring this knowledge and insight to the market.

It will be interesting to see how this venture pans out, given the caliber of individuals involved. While we don’t know the exact details of what they plan to do, one thing is clear – this new venture is sure to make waves in the alternative capital markets.

What That Means For Us

At the end of the day, Lamb’s new venture has the potential to be a game-changer in the crypto and alternative capital markets. With the support of Scaramucci and his own venture fund, Lamb is in a unique position to bring his expertise and insight to the market. This could be a huge opportunity for investors who are looking for new and innovative ways to diversify their portfolios.

It is also noteworthy that this new venture is being supported by two prominent figures in the finance industry – Scaramucci and Lamb. This is a clear sign that cryptos are becoming increasingly mainstream, and that these two individuals are taking a chance on this new form of investment.

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The success of this venture could be a huge boon for both Lamb and Scaramucci, but more importantly, it could open the door to new and exciting opportunities for investors in the alternative capital markets.

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