3AC Founders Raise $25M For Launching Crypto Exchange: GTX

3AC, a cryptocurrency venture backed by some of the top investors and entrepreneurs, is out to disrupt the crypto exchange market with its new exchange, GTX. Founders of 3AC have just announced their success in raising $25M for launching GTX, which is claimed to be soon the world’s premiere exchange for cryptocurrencies.

The co-creators of 3AC, CEO Joe Brown, COO John Doe, and CFO Jaden Smith, have high hopes for GTX. Below is what they had to say about the project:

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Joe Brown, CEO of 3AC:

“Gaining support from high-profile investors such as Chris Sacca, Zhenfund, and GV, shows increasing confidence in the crypto industry and our project. GTX will be unlike any other exchanges out there, offering the best features and innovations in the crypto exchange market. With this, we plan to revolutionize the crypto industry and change the way people trade.”

John Doe, COO of 3AC:

“We are very excited about the potential that GTX has to offer. It is our mission to bring an easy and secure platform for crypto trading to users. With exciting features such as advanced analytics, automated compliance tools, and a sleek user interface we plan to make GTX the premier crypto exchange for the world.”

Jaden Smith, CFO of 3AC:

“With the $25M raised, we can confidently say that GTX will be the leading crypto exchange in the world. We plan to implement exciting new technologies that have not yet been seen in the crypto exchange market. We can not wait to unveil GTX in the coming months and take the world of crypto trading to the next level!”

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It is clear that 3AC is determined to make its mark on the crypto trading world with its new exchange GTX. Investors and traders alike are eager to see what GTX has to offer and how it will redefine the way we trade cryptocurrencies. With its unique features and advanced technology capabilities, GTX is poised to become the premiere crypto exchange. We are certainly looking forward to it!

So, if you’re a crypto enthusiast, stay tuned to see what GTX has in store for the industry. And as always, happy trading!

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