Solana, Serum, And FTT Token: Why Are FTX-Related Tokens Leading The Rally?

The crypto market has been on a wild ride in 2021, and no asset classes have seen more hype than decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens and those related to FTX, a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange run by Alameda Research.

Serum – The King of DeFi

Serum (SRM) is a token issued by the Serum Decentralized Exchange (DEX), a fully decentralized and transparent trading platform that allows users to exchange ERC-20 tokens directly on the blockchain without needing a middleman. Serum has been one of the best-performing tokens so far this year, with its total market capitalization surging from $20 million to $2.5 billion over the course of 2021.

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Solana – Blockchain 3.0

Solana (SOL) is the native token for a new high-speed blockchain that was designed to deliver speed, scalability, and low transaction costs to the DeFi space. The team behind Solana has worked hard to optimize the network both technically and commercially, and this has helped them become an industry leader in the space.

SOL has been performing especially well since early April due to the success of its cross-chain liquidity solutions, which are now some of the most popular and sustainable solutions in the DeFi space.

FTT Token – Filling The Gap

FTT (Fills Token) is the native token of FTX Exchange, whose technology has revolutionized crypto trading by offering derivatives contract-based trading, lending, and staking activities. FTT has been a top-performer in the market this year, outpacing even Bitcoin in terms of overall return over the past 3 months.

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Why Are FTX-Related Tokens Leading The Rally?

FTX-related tokens are leading the rally because they are backed by innovative technology, backed by their parent company, and have real-world use cases.

In the case of Serum, its technology provides a robust and secure decentralized trading experience that appeals to both amateur and experienced traders.

Solana’s solutions are quickly gaining traction thanks to their high transaction speed and scalability. This means that users can quickly transfer and convert assets from one place to another with minimal latency, making it perfect for DeFi products.

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Finally, FTX’s solutions are filling a gap in the market for derivative contract-based trading and staking activities. This has allowed FTT to emerge as a valuable asset and gain traction in the industry.


These are just a few of the reasons why these FTX-related tokens are leading the rally. Their innovative technologies, real-world use cases, and industry-leading solutions have enabled them to outperform the broader crypto market and gain investor attention from all corners of the world.

So, if you’re looking for a new asset to add to your portfolio, the FTX family of tokens might be just what you’re looking for.

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