Metaverse Technology: Industry First, Consumer Later

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently released their predictions for the future of the global technological landscape. According to the WEF, one of the most promising areas of technological advancement will be virtual and augmented reality related technology, commonly known as metaverse tech.

Metaverse Tech: What Is It?

Metaverse technology is a broad category of technologies aimed at synthesizing virtual and physical experiences. The technology aims to build an internet-connected digital universe where users can live, explore, interact, and create digital-avatars of themselves. It is an amalgamation of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. This technology is currently being developed by big names like Microsoft, Twitter, Epic Games, and Niantic.

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A Focus on Industry Before Consumer

Given the expansive application of metaverse technology, the WEF predicts that it will be deployed first within the enterprise sphere as companies and organizations explore ways to improve efficiency, collaboration, and communication. After initial widespread application in the industry, the WEF expects metaverse tech to then become more accessible and affordable for home-use.

Metaverse Tech and Beyond

The WEF also believes that this technology could revolutionize more than just how we communicate. Metaverse tech will facilitate more efficient data sharing between companies, reduce the waste of resources, and lead to more accurate and sophisticated business decisions. It could also create new products and services such as virtual store fronts, e-learning programs, or even digital tourism.

Are We Ready?

Metaverse technology is a massive and complex endeavor but, according to the WEF, certainly worth the effort. While the technology is already in use by some companies, the WEF believes that the industry is still in early development and further improvements must be made before it enters mainstream consumer use.

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In conclusion, metaverse technology looks to revolutionize the way we interact, learn, and conduct business. While it won’t be ready for consumer-focused use until later, the WEF does predict that the technology will become widely adopted in the industry world first. By preparing for industry-oriented applications, the world will be better equipped for the consumer-use of metaverse tech in the future.

Let’s get ready to metaverse! *Cue cheering and cheering*.

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