Why A Bitcoin Ban In The EU Is Likely… And Stupid!

It’s true, the European Union is likely to push for an EU-wide ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But why would they do something like this? And why is it so stupid? Let’s take a look.

Why Is Bitcoin Being Targeted?

There are a few possible reasons that the European Union is pushing for a Bitcoin ban. These include:

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  • An attempt to maintain control of the European financial system. By limiting the use of cryptocurrencies, the European Union would be able to ensure that tax revenue and other financial transactions are properly regulated.
  • The potential for criminal activity. Many criminals have used cryptocurrencies to launder money, buy drugs, and fund terrorism. The European Union believes that a ban on cryptocurrencies would help to reduce this kind of activity.
  • The possibility of financial instability. Some believe that the rapid price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market could lead to economic instability in Europe.

Why The Ban Is Stupid

Despite their concerns, a ban on Bitcoin is a bad idea for several reasons. These include:

  • It won’t do anything to stop criminal activity. Criminals will find other ways to launder money and fund terrorism, and banning Bitcoin won’t do anything to stop them.
  • It will stifle innovation. Cryptocurrencies have immense potential to revolutionize the way we do business and make financial transactions. A ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would stifle this innovation.
  • It won’t stop financial instability. The European Union doesn’t have any control over the cryptocurrency markets and a ban won’t do anything to stop large price fluctuations.


At the end of the day, a ban on Bitcoin in the EU is likely to happen… and it’s pretty stupid. The European Union may not fully understand the implications of a ban, or the potential consequences. Let’s hope they come to their senses before it’s too late.

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