Live The Bitcoin Dream in Switzerland

The days of living the Bitcoin dream without having to leave the comforts of home are here! Switzerland is now the proud home of the world’s first Bitcoin city, known as Zug. Residents of Zug can now participate in their daily lives using solely Bitcoin. Let’s explore why Zug is the perfect place to embrace the Bitcoin life.

Perfectly Located

Zug is located just outside of Zurich, Switzerland and is known as the “Crypto Valley”. Zurich is one of the most powerful financial hubs of the world, so it’s the perfect place for Bitcoin to have a foothold. Zug is full of green parks and its neighboring lake, so Bitcoin enthusiasts can enjoy living in the countryside while still being close to the city.

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Accepted Everywhere

In Zug, Bitcoin is accepted everywhere from the local grocery store to the doctor’s office. All businesses that are registered with the Swiss government have been given the ability to accept Bitcoin payments. Plus, anyone that is living in Zug can set up their local bill payments to use Bitcoin, so their rent, utilities, and other services can all use their digital currency.

Easy to Use

Once you’re settled into your new home, you can easily use Bitcoin with the help of some local resources. There are apps that are tailored specifically to the Crypto Valley, so that Bitcoin enthusiasts can easily access their digital currency and use it in Zug.

Explore the Bitcoin Life

So if you’re interested in living the dream of living solely on Bitcoin, Zug is the perfect place to do it. Here are some of the awesome benefits of living in the Crypto Valley:

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  • Be a part of the Bitcoin revolution by helping support the economy with your digital currency.
  • Experience the convenience of using Bitcoin for all your daily purchases.
  • Learn from the local tech experts and join the digital currency revolution.
  • Experience a new way of life that is both revolutionary and convenient.

Are you ready to call the Crypto Valley home and embrace the Bitcoin life? Come and join the Bitcoin revolution in Zug!

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