Introducing My Little Sister To Bitcoin

My little sister may be too young to understand the stock market or what the heck a mutual fund is, but I thought it was time to introduce her to the wonder of Bitcoin. After much consideration, I’ve come up with the following approach that successfully engaged her curiosity and made her laugh (which is the best possible outcome!).

Explaining Bitcoin in Terms She Understands

Knowing my sister’s limits and technical capabilities – I was sure to explain Bitcoin in its most basic form. With that in mind, I told her Bitcoin was like a virtual version of the Monopoly game we used to love playing growing up.

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Using Visuals To Demonstrate Bitcoin

I downloaded a cryptocurrency app for her that helps turn complex data into simple visuals. This made understanding Bitcoin much easier for her. Seeing the chart grow and dip in real time definitely helped her experience the thrill of investing in this digital currency!

Making it Fun

The best way to get her invested in Bitcoin (pun intended!) was to make it fun. I taught her tricks like buying the dip and finding the bottom – making it an enjoyable experience.

To keep the momentum going and ensure she stays interested, I:

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  • Challenged her to find her own coin
  • Encouraged her to set goals
  • Set up a rewards system

All of these strategies kept her at the edge of her seat, wanting to know more about how to invest her newly discovered self-esteem and finances.

My Takeaways

My little sister has successfully dabbled in the world of investing and I could not be more proud of how far she’s come! Although I may not be an expert on the cryptocurrency market, with a few clicks and downloads I’ve successfully introduced her to a sound financial potential, and that’s something she can always banker on.

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