SEC Reveals Private Details of Crypto Miners in Latest Inquiry

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) just took its investigation into the crypto mining industry to a whole new level. During their inquiry, they were caught outing private details of some of the world’s top miners.

The SEC was apparently tipped off to a potential security infringement by anonymous sources and launched an investigation right away. According to the Commission, their investigation uncovered details previously unknown to the public and even the miners themselves, such as:

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Key Decryption Keys Revealed

The Commission released a statement indicating that their inquiry showed miners were in possession of a set of decryption keys linking them to various wallets and funds.

We’re sure this isn’t the news that miners wanted to hear – but we guess at least the information finally sets them free.

IP Addresses Discovered

Turns out, miners had a few IP addresses associated with their accounts. And, the Commission decided that this info just had to be outed in their report.

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It’s a little embarrassing for some, but also a great way to help miners secure their accounts. After all, if you know where your accounts are located, they’re a lot less vulnerable to malicious actors.

Dream Mining Software Identified

The Commission also uncovered the existence of dream mining software that some crypto miners had been using.

While we can’t tell you what the software is called, we do know that the miners certainly weren’t dreaming – they were mining. We wonder how many digital coins they mined while they were “dreaming”?


While many miners may be feeling a bit embarrassed that their private information was revealed, the Commission’s action could very well have saved some miners from serious security threats in the future.

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So, we guess the only thing to do is thank the Commission for their dedication to keeping the crypto mining industry safe. Or, at least play it off and take it as an extra incentive to make sure your accounts are extra secure.

Either way, we can all learn something from the SEC’s inquiry into the crypto mining industry – and that’s to be extra secure with our accounts.

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