Exploring What You Can Do With Your Polygon (MATIC) Rewards!

Looking to spend some of your Polygon (MATIC) rewards but don’t know where to start? Well, worry not, here are 11+ places thataccept Polygon (MATIC), that you can explore and find your perfect spend!

1. Flexible Shopping With Ternio

Ternio is a decentralized platform for spending cryptocurrency. With Terno, you can spend Polygon (MATIC) with over 10,000 partner merchants, both online and offline. So, if you’re looking to shop for anything from groceries to electronics, Terno is an excellent option for Polygon (MATIC) spend.

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2. Travel & Explore With Travala

Traveling is one of the joys of life and if you want to spend your Polygon (MATIC) rewards on exploring the world, look no further than Travala. Travala is a travel booking platform that accepts payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies including Polygon (MATIC). From beach resorts to luxurious getaways, Travala has something for everyone!

3. Discounts With Poly Discounts

If you’re looking for discounts on products and services from top online stores and services, then Poly Discounts is the perfect place for you. This platform offers discounts across many categories, from electronics to apparel and much more. Plus, you can pay for these discounts using Polygon (MATIC). So, save your rewards and make sure to check out Poly Discounts.

4. Gift Cards With Bitrefill

Gift Cards are always a nice way to surprise someone close to you. If you’re looking to get gift cards with your Polygon (MATIC) rewards, then look no further than Bitrefill. Bitrefill not only offers discounts but also allows you to purchase gift cards from top retail stores like Amazon, Netflix and more.

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5. Pay with Safety With Defit

Defit is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows you to buy and sell digital assets like Polygon (MATIC) and much more using the SafetyNet protocol. You can use Defit to pay for services or products with your Polygon (MATIC) rewards.

6. Invest With Polygonchain Capital

If you’re looking to invest your Polygon (MATIC) rewards and earn passive income, then Polygonchain Capital is the perfect destination for you. Polygonchain Capital is a decentralized investment platform that allows you to invest and earn returns from a variety of products, such as crypto trading and yield farming.

7. Donate With Polygon Charity

At Polygon Charity, you can donate your Polygon (MATIC) rewards to a worthy cause. Polygon Charity has partnered with many charity organizations around the world, and you can use your Polygon (MATIC) rewards to contribute to the causes you believe in. It’s a great way to make the most of your rewards!

8. Withdrawal Fees & Exchange Fees With Binance

Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and has recently added Polygon (MATIC) to its list of supported coins. Withdrawal fees and exchange fees on Binance are generally cheaper than other platforms, making it a great option for using your Polygon (MATIC) reward tokens.

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9. Borrow & Revenue With Curve.fi

If you’re looking to get a loan with your Polygon (MATIC) rewards, Curve.fi is the perfect place for you. Curve.fi is a decentralized lending platform that allows you to borrow against your rewards. Apart from borrowing, you can also generate revenue by providing liquidity to the pools.

10. Trade With MDEX

MDEX is a decentralized exchange that specializes in spot trading, margin trading and risk hedging with Polygon (MATIC) rewards. If you’re looking to trade with your Polygon (MATIC) rewards, MDEX is a great option.

11. Play Games With QuarkChain

QuarkChain is a blockchain platform that specializes in providing game experiences. It has a variety of different games that you can play with your Polygon (MATIC) rewards. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your rewards, QuarkChain is the place for you.

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Time to Spend Your Polygon (MATIC) Rewards

And there you have 11+ different places where you can spend your Polygon (MATIC) rewards. So, now that you know, it’s time to start exploring and spending your rewards wisely!

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