Scaramucci: FTX Can’t Be Saved and Sam is to Blame!

Anthony Scaramucci, the infamous former White House Communications Director is back with a vengeance! This time it’s against his business partner and friend, Sam Bettencourt. Scaramucci has accused him of betraying his trust and ruining the success of their new venture, FTX.

According to Scaramucci, FTX was doomed from the start. He cites a lack of integrity and trust among the executive staff and Bettencourt’s lack of experience in business as to why the venture failed. He even went so far as to accuse Sam of foul play.

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The Rise and Fall of FTX

Scaramucci claims FTX had all the potential to become one of the greatest start-ups of all time. He and Sam put together a crack team of developers and investors, ready to make a splash in the world of technology. But despite their best efforts, they couldn’t make it happen.

FTX seemed doomed to fail. With mismanagement, a lack of communication among team members, and mounting debt, the venture tanked. The most painful part for Scaramucci was that he had placed so much faith in his long-time friend Bettencourt.

A Betrayal of Trust?

Scaramucci believes that at the heart of the project’s troubles were the lies and deception of Sam Bettencourt. He claims that Sam had promised the world, then failed to deliver. Despite offering advice, Scaramucci’s warnings were ignored and business deals went sour.

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The two eventually had a falling out, adding to the project’s mounting failures. The final straw for Scaramucci was when Bettencourt allegedly failed to put Scaramucci’s ideas into practice.


At the end of the day, Scaramucci says it’s clear FTX cannot be saved and blames Sam Bettencourt’s betrayal of trust for its failure. For now, Scaramucci is moving on to his next adventure and leaving behind his sour memories of FTX.

Quick Tips:

  • Integrity and trust are paramount when workingtogether.
  • Communication is key for any team’s success.
  • Be careful of business partners who make lots of promises, but never deliver.

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