CleanSpark is Mining the Crypto Crazy

Hold onto your wallets, crypto fans, CleanSpark is putting their pickaxe to the ground in a big and exciting way – they are breaking ground on their 50 megawatt bitcoin mining expansion.

The mining move, if you will, will put CleanSpark right into the thick of the crypto mining world, where the biggest and boldest mine owners now hold court.

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Magnitude of the Expansion

No one is talking about little bits here. We are talking about an expansion that is expected to completely blow the doors off of current CleanSpark operations and allow them to really grab their slice of the global crypto mining pie.

In addition to the megawatt size of the expansion, in the current crypto economy, 50 megawatts can be seen as being on the “yuge” side. The expectation is that CleanSpark is going to rock the crypto world with their efforts.

Benefits to CleanSpark

As exciting as this news is for the general crypto community, it is also exciting for CleanSpark shareholders and investors alike.

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The 50 megawatt cryptocurrency mining expansion is expected to bring with it tremendous benefits, including:

  • Lower Equipment Costs – Access to the massive expansion has allowed CleanSpark to purchase their cryptocurrency mining equipment in bulk, resulting in lower operational costs.
  • Solidifying CleanSpark’s Place in the Crypto Space – Bringing this much power to the digital currency table is doing a lot to solidify CleanSpark’s place in the crypto universe.
  • Opening Up New Streams of Revenue – CleanSpark is also looking at new ways to turn their moves into additional cash streams.

Shareholders Rejoice

As evidenced by the enthusiasm in the stock market, shareholders of CleanSpark are cashing out in a big way with the news coming out about the 50 megawatt cryptocurrency mining expansion.

The stock has been up an impressive 10% since the news broke, and at a time where the waters of the crypto market are often too tumultuous for most, CleanSpark’s big move is looking to be a safe haven for their investors.

This latest move by CleanSpark is lighting up the crypto markets and is expecting to be a strong make for the company for years to come.

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