HNT Balloons Are Sanity-Savers In The Run-Up To Network Migration

Have you ever been part of a major network migration? It can be a stressful exercise, especially when the whole team is running on nerves and caffeine. But did you know that a common token, the hot air balloon, is playing a part in keeping us all sane in this process?

That’s right, HNT balloons are filled with helium in the run-up to a network migration, in order to make the team more efficient, focused and productive.

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If you’re like us and often find yourself in the middle of these migrations, here’s why you should breathe a sigh of relief and fill up on helium:

1. Increased Focus and Clarity

Helium-filled HNT balloons are the perfect way to stay focused and clear-headed during network migrations. The gas helps you concentrate by masking other surrounding sounds, allowing you to think more clearly. At the same time, it helps to alleviate the pressure of looming deadlines and meeting targets on time.

2. Improved Mood and Motivation

Helium’s bright and cheerful tone has been known to improve one’s mood, especially in the face of seemingly daunting tasks. Notably, the feeling of being light-hearted can help motivate you to work with more enthusiasm, so you can stay productive and remain in the best state of mind.

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3. 36% More Helium for Increased Efficacy

When it comes to HNT balloons, we believe in getting the most bang for your buck. That’s why in the run-up to network migration, we’ve filled up our balloons with 36% more helium than usual. With this extra delivery of the gas, your team will be able to stay afloat and focused for longer.

Taking a Break Never Hurt Anyone!

When the pressure is on and there’s no time to spare, it’s essential to remember to take a break. Whether it’s getting away from your desk to stretch, playing a game of catch with a helium-filled HNT balloon, or chatting to your colleagues, these activities can help to reset your mind and restore your productivity.

So if you’re ever feeling stressed and overwhelmed during a network migration, remember to take time to fill up on helium-filled HNT balloons and enjoy the different benefits they have to offer. After all, the team that plays together stays together!

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