Time to Celebrate as Bitcoin Hits $23K and Crypto Market Cap is Back at $1 Trillion!

We’ve had some pretty rollercoaster weeks in the crypto world, and it finally seems like things are looking up with the market cap revisting the $1 trillion mark and Bitcoin reaching an all-time high of over $23K! Time to crack out the champagne bottles and start celebrating the much-needed good news!

The Backstory

It wasn’t long ago that we saw the BTC plunge to $16K and crypto overall go into a mini tailspin. But crypto and the markets are nothing if not resilient and now that Bitcoin is just a few hundred dollars away from $24K and the crypto market cap is back at the $1T benchmark, it’s definitely time to start counting our blessings (and maybe buying a lottery ticket as well).

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The Plans for 2021

With 2021 just a couple of weeks away, it looks like we can expect many more great things from the crypto world. We can:

  • Expect more institutional investors to come pouring into the market and to bring more legitimacy to the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Increased adoption of crypto into the mainstream. This is huge and will be a testament to the real long-term potential of Bitcoin and other altcoins.
  • The potential for regulatory oversight which could potentially bring more stability to the highly volatile market.


To conclude, these are nothing but exciting times for crypto and the entire market is abuzz with interest. And even though there will be some inevitable bumps along the way, one thing is clear: this is only the beginning of this historic movement and what the future holds for cryptocurrency.

So three cheers for Bitcoin hitting $23K, for crypto getting back to the $1T mark and for a very promising 2021! It’s time to pop those bottles and celebrate!

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