Crypto Market Sees Relief In 2022

It looks like cryptocurrency bulls can finally take a sigh of relief. According to Chainalysis reports released this week, ransomware payments dropped by 40% in 2022.

Many investors were worried that this lucrative industry would see a surge in malicious activities and ransomware payments, but it appears that the worries have been put to rest.

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Rewriting The Script

While criminal activity is still a problem in the cryptocurrency market, the report goes on to show that the amount of ransomware payments have decreased by a whopping 40%. This alone proves that the market is slowly and surely regaining its trust with investors.

On top of that, the report revealed other key information that have put crypto market players minds at ease:

  • Ransomware Payments Dropped: The 40% decrease indicates that the market is on the path to success.
  • Exchange Transactions Increased: The amount of transactions done on exchanges has been steadily rising. This is good news for investors who would like to buy or sell cryptocurrency.
  • Spending Habits Changed: With the decrease in ransomware payments, users seem to be spending their crypto on everyday items like food and clothing.

It certainly appears that 2022 is looking up for crypto enthusiasts, who feared that the market would be plunged deep into criminality.

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Clearing The Air

So, what does this mean? Well with the decrease in ransomware payments, the crypto market is looking to gain the trust of users once again. It’s no secret that this market has been surrounded by malicious activities for a long time, and now that these figures have been released, we can all breathe a little bit easier knowing that the market is slowly getting back on its feet.

Plus, the fact that users are now spending their crypto on mundane things proves that the coins have real-world value. It seems that the crypto market is finally starting its long-awaited comeback.


Though the future of cryptocurrency is still uncertain, we can rest easy knowing that the market is slowly regaining its trust with investors.

On top of that, the decrease in ransomware payments and the increase in everyday transactions proves that the crypto market still has a future ahead of it. So, if you’re an investor, now might just be the prime time to dive into the bullish market.

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There you have it, folks. Crypto market players can finally sit back, relax, and have a pint – because the future looks a little bit brighter. Cheers!

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