Axie Infinity Player Numbers Take a Plunge!

Oh no! It looks like everyone’s favorite pet breeding game, Axie Infinity, has taken a relatively sharp hit to their monthly player count – one not seen since around November 2020.

There’s been some speculation as to why this might have happened – with possible bug fixes, changes in pricing, and hopefully a possible huge expansion update around the corner!

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The Potential Reasons:

  • Bug Fixes: It’s possible some early adopters ran into big issues and left the game when they weren’t able to care for their Axies any longer
  • Increased Costs: Was the price of Axies or enclosures just a bit too high over the last month? Players might just not have the funds to keep going.
  • Big Update: Perhaps in their anticipation of an exciting expansion, some players have been waiting patiently on the sidelines, eager to dive back in with the new features they’ll no doubt bring.

The Positive Spin

Though this drop in the monthly player count is surely bothersome, it might actually be a good sign of things to come.

More bug fixes and updated features might pique the interest of new players, while the additional costs involved might even encourage returning players to invest more into the game.

But until we see the update hit, we can’t really be sure if this drop in the numbers is a good or bad thing.

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Final Thoughts

Axie Infinity is an exciting game with great potential and a loyal fanbase. They’ll likely recover from this dip and be back to normal soon enough – we can only hope!

And if anything else, this slight drop in the player count should at least encourage the developers to keep working hard and provide us with even bigger and better updates in the future.

So if you’re like me and you always knew Axie Infinity was the best, hang in there and keep playing!

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