Binance Charity Set to Fund Over 30,000 Web3 Education Scholarships In 2023

It looks like Binance is following up on its goal to create a world of blockchain inclusion by expanding its philanthropic activities to scholarship programs in Web3 education. According to a recent announcement, Binance Charity is set to fund over 30,000 scholarships for Web3 related studies by 2023!

A Serious Push for Blockchain Inclusion

Using blockchain technology for philanthropy is not new – charities from all over the world are starting to adopt blockchain because of the transparency and cost savings that it offers. Binance Charity’s mission is to create a world of blockchain inclusion and this newest initiative will allow students from all walks of life to pursue a Web3 education without worrying about expensive tuition fees.

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What Does a Web3 Education Entail?

A Web3 education involves skills in blockchain-related areas such as distributed ledger technology, decentralized organizational structures, and smart contract coding. These skills will be essential for shaping the future of cloud-driven economies, businesses, and other organizations that are powered by blockchain technology.

Where Does the Funding Come From?

Binance Charity is working with various stakeholders, philanthropists, and corporations to get contributions for the scholarship program. Binance will donate US$1 million initially and has set a goal of raising US$100 million in donations by 2023.

So, Who’s Eligible?

The initial scholarships will be available in 2020 and prioritize students from underserved communities. Other students who are interested in pursuing a Web3 career will also receive a portion of the scholarships, so be sure to keep an eye out for the application requirements when the program rolls out.

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Biggest Step Forward for Blockchain Education

This new initiative from Binance Charity is a huge step towards the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Having more people educated in this field means that more professionals will emerge who can apply blockchain to revolutionize different industries.

So let’s get ready for a blockchain-powered future that is widely inclusive and improved with smart contracts!

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