When it Comes to Market Volatility, AVAX and MATIC are Ready for a Good Time

It seems that nothing brings out the fun in the markets like a good gain in value. In the last week, AVAX and MATIC have jumped to multi-month and 1-week highs respectively and they are enjoying the ride!

Crypto Is Ready to Party

If you’ve been in the crypto space for a while, you’ll know that it can be a wild ride. It’s not unusual for values to rise and fall dramatically with seemingly little provocation. But that’s part of the charm, right? As the biggest gainers in the last week, AVAX and MATIC are ready to party and we can celebrate with them.

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What Led to the Gains?

AVAX and MATIC were brought up by good news and their respective communities made sure to celebrate it. AVAX got a boost when it was announced that the AVAX token would be the governance token for the new Avalanche Protocol, which was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm.

MATIC is enjoying the culmination of months’ worth of efforts. After working to bring the Matic Network from mainnet 1.0 to 2.0 and having launched a developer platform, MATIC finally received the recognition it was due.

Let’s Celebrate!

As the biggest gainers of the week, AVAX and MATIC deserve to be celebrated. So, let’s celebrate them!

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  • Raise a glass of your favorite beverage (alchoholic or otherwise)
  • Read up on the new Avalanche Protocol
  • Share your excitement with other AVAX holders
  • Share your predictions and analysis on AVAX predictions


  • Throw a Matic-themed party for your crypto friends
  • Write or make a song or poem about MATIC
  • Learn more about the Matic Network and stay up-to-date on developments
  • Share your MATIC celebration on social media

When it comes to the markets, volatility is always around the corner. But it’s also the secret ingredient that adds a bit of fun and excitement! AVAX and MATIC have just provided us with a fun opportunity to join in the festivities and celebrate their success. So get out there and enjoy the ride!

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