NYDFS Makes a Splash With Their New Crypto Customer Funds Rules

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) recently announced its new guidance to crypto firms that clearly outline the importance of segregating and separate accounting customer funds. Let’s take a look at what this means, and why it may be an even bigger deal than it appears.

What Does This Mean?

In short, the new guidance requires crypto firms to separate money from users, in addition to clear and precise accounting to show how that customer money is held and safeguarded. Moreover, it requires firms to strictly adhere to certain data privacy regulation, including the notification of users in case of unauthorized access of their data.

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Why is Separating Funds and Keeping Records So Important?

The new rules set forth by the NYDFS ensure that customer funds remain safe, even if something bad happens to the firm. For example, in case of bankruptcy there would still be customer funds, separate from the firm itself, that wouldn’t be affected. This could potentially save customers from financial loss in such an event.

Not only does this safeguard customer funds, it’s also important for businesses, as it protects them from internal and external fraud, as well as other risks. Properly separating customer funds and keeping good records could help protect businesses from financial loss in the long run.

What Does it Mean for the Crypto Industry?

These new regulations will likely have a significant impact on the crypto industry, as it will create a whole new layer of accountability and responsibility. Sure, it may mean more compliance costs, but it also means improved safety, both for customers and businesses.

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It’s important to note though that these regulations don’t apply to all crypto firms in the industry- only those who conduct business in New York. Regardless, they will certainly provide the industry with a much-needed foundation of trust that was otherwise lacking.


The new guidance set forth by the NYDFS is certainly a step in the right direction for the crypto industry. Separating customer funds and keeping good records is essential for creating a safe and secure industry where individuals and businesses can trust each other. So, as always, better safe than sorry- especially when it comes to money!

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