Shiba Inu Bags ‘Most Popular Starter Crypto’ Title, According To On-Chain Analytics

Good news for all the Shiba Inu fans out there! The first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has just been crowned the most popular starter crypto. This prestigious title is thanks to a recent report from on-chain analytics firm IntoTheBlock, who revealed that SHIB is the most transacted cryptocurrency by newbies, i.e. anyone who’s made their first crypto transaction.

SHIB Is Here To Stay!

For the uninitiated, SHIB is a decentralized cryptocurrency token which means it’s not controlled by any single individual or entity. SHIB shot to fame when it was adopted by the Dogecoin community as a token for everyday use. Over the past few months, SHIB has become an increasingly popular cryptocurrency as millions of people worldwide flocked to the assets.

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The IntoTheBlock report shows that SHIB has become the default cryptocurrency for newbies, thanks to its easy of access and low cost of entry. Over 40% of all transactions this month were made by crypto newbies. The report shows that SHIB is the most popular crypto among newbies, with Ethereum and Dogecoin following close behind.

SHIB’s Mass Appeal

It makes sense why SHIB is the most popular starter crypto for newbies. SHIB is an incredibly cheap investment, costing just a few cents per token. It’s also incredibly easy to buy, with numerous exchanges – from Coinbase, to Kraken, to Bitpanda – offering SHIB for sale. Additionally, SHIB’s huge popularity means that it’s likely to remain a staple of the crypto market for a long time.

The Internet’s Favorite Crypto

SHIB’s mass appeal has made it an incredibly popular meme token. Just like Dogecoin, SHIB has spawned its own online community, with numerous fan-created art, games, and other amazing content. People are sharing the love of SHIB on social media, too, making it the internet’s favorite crypto.

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The Future of SHIB

What might the future hold for SHIB? It’s hard to say. But, based on the rapid growth in interest over the past few months, it looks like SHIB is here to stay. With its low cost of entry and huge fan base, SHIB is quickly establishing itself as an essential part of the crypto market.

So, if you’re still new to crypto, you might want to consider adding a little SHIB to your portfolio!

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