Good News for Crypto-Supporters – South African Dispute Resolution Office Now Open for Crypto-Related Complaints!

Giddy up crypto-lovers, the South African Dispute Resolution Office (SADRO) is now accepting all manner of cryptocurrency-related complaints from its citizens. South Africans can finally vent their grievances over issues like errant exchanges, faulty transaction attempts and plain old mismanagement!

What Type of Complaints Can SADRO Handle?

Fortunately, SADRO is open to addressing complaints relating to a wide range of issues. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Crypto exchanges – For any experiences of faulty transactions, delays, lost funds or other issues.
  • Crypto wallets – Any issues with wallets, including transfer problems, access issues and frozen assets.
  • Custodial disputes – If you believe your assets have been wrongfully held by an exchange or custodian.
  • Misleading token sales – If you feel like a project misled you with its token sale.

How Does SADRO Work?

The process is as follows:

  • SADRO will contact the relevant parties and request a resolution, evaluating whether the complaint is ‘fair and reasonable on the balance of probabilities’.
  • The respondent to the complaint will be allowed time to submit evidence and provide comment.
  • The commissioner examining the case will be able to make a binding decision, though the parties will be able to appeal.

It’s important to note that when filing a complaint, citizens will be encouraged to use local crypto and blockchain businesses, where possible.

A Victorious Day for Crypto-Supporters

The august introduction of SADRO to the world of crypto-disputes is cause for celebration for crypto-supporters. Now, South Africans have a platform to vent their grievances and feel confident that justice will be served.

Or, you know, something like that. Maybe. Okay, it’s still too early to say. Let’s just hope it works out and everyone can get back to trading in peace!