Jim Cramer – Crypto Is Out, Gold Is In For “Real Hedge”

TV finance guru Jim Cramer has given his verdict on the great inflation, economic chaos debate – gold is the go-to, while crypto is to be avoided!

Speaking on CNBC’s Mad Money, he said “Now, gold has been the ultimate hedge against inflation and economic chaos, so it should reignited as real money, not crypto. That’s a real hedge you can count on.”

It seems that the veteran market specialist is steering away from the often volatile world of crypto, instead opting for the tried-and-tested route of his own gold standard.

So Why Should We Stick With Gold?

There’s something about gold that’s just timeless – it remains the go-to for many investors as a safe-haven and a store of value.

In times of uncertainty, Cramer also believes gold can provide an element of stability he finds lacking in the crypto world. Here are some advantages of gold in the economic climate:

  • Easy to buy and store
  • There is an established record of inventory worldwide
  • Stable historical performance
  • Returns increase with a weaker dollar

Has Crypto Been Made an Example of?

In making his comments, Cramer drew a comparison between gold as a ‘real hedge’, and downplayed the stability of investment in crypto.

But let’s face it – without a strong community of miners, many tokens struggling to remain relevant, and conflicting opinions in the industry, crypto understandably isn’t for everyone, and it appears that Cramer is part of a growing and influential pool of dissenters.

Whether you are pro or anti crypto, it seems that only time – and maybe a few more industry successes – will tell if the digital currency has a future.

In the meantime, however, if you’re looking for a ‘real hedge’, it seems Cramer’s advice is to stick with the tried and trusted – gold.