Arizona Senator Proposing a Revolutionary Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

The United States of America is finally catching up to the future. Arizona Senator, Warren Petersen has introduced an absolutely groundbreaking bill that might just make Bitcoin legal tender in Arizona.

No More FOMO, Let’s Get On the Bitcoin Train

This minute of everything going digital, it only makes sense that cryptocurrency should also have its spot in this revolution. Who would have thought that Bitcoin, a decade old currency, would be so relevant in 2020? But here we are, on the brink of revolutionizing the currency system for good.

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The World is Changing, Let’s Change with it

Since the bill has been proposed there have been a lot of questions and debates surrounding it. Is the world ready for Bitcoin? What are the consequences of making digital currency legal tender?

Wel, the questions can go on and on but the bottom line is that the world is changing, and it behooves us to embrace this change. Arizona Senator Warren Petersen made a bold move, as so many visionaries do by proposing this bill to legislate Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Who Are The Winners?

The introduction of this revolutionary bill has got the American public talking about who are the real winners of this. According to experts, the citizens of Arizona will definitely have more options when it comes to cryptocurrency. They will be able to purchase goods and services with Bitcoin, which could open up new avenues for them.

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Apart from the inhabitants of Arizona, other people in the US might benefit from this proposed bill as well. People investing in Bitcoin will be able to trade with ease since there is less regulation.

What About The Losers?

Some people are a little bit scared of the prospects of virtual currency and banks being ushered in as the future replaces tangible currencies. So, it is natural for people to be a little apprehensive as to what would happen if Bitcoin does become legal tender.

But the truth is that nothing much would change. The regulation on financial transactions will still remain the same. Banks will still be pertinent in the financial services industry, and those fearful of Bitcoin should know that it isn’t here to replace the banks.

Let’s Give Bitcoin A Chance

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the fact is that Bitcoin is here to stay. It provides its users with convenience as well as security and its popularity is only growing by the day. So, Arizona Senator Warren Petersen is making a future-centric move by introducing this bill that might just make Bitcoin a legal tender.

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Let’s all take a chance and support this move, who knows what the future could bring with a regulated cryptocurrency in place. Let’s get on the Bitcoin train!

All Aboard!

So folks, here is the deal. New technology, particularly virtual currencies like Bitcoin, are revolutionizing the way we interact with money.

We all need to get on board with this change and fully embrace Bitcoin. Who knows, it might just be the future of currency…

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  • Cryptocurrency will give citizens more options.
  • Banks will still remain relevant in financial services.
  • Nothing much will change in terms of financial regulations.
  • We have to accept the changing technology landscape.
  • Let’s give Bitcoin a chance.

At the end of the day, it is up to us to decide how our future is shaped and Bitcoin is here to stay. So, let’s pave the way to a new financial system and make Bitcoin legal tender. All aboard the Bitcoin train!

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