Bitcoin, Ethereum Double Date Ain’t Going Too Well

So, BTC and ETH are out on a double date and it isn’t going too well. It’s really awkward and it feels like no one knows what to say.

People were expecting fireworks when this crypto twosome rolled into town, but after a couple candles on the chart, they’ve decided to just play it cool and consolidate. Not an easy task given that the US consumer sentiment data is looming on the horizon.

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What’s the Deal with This Date?

All we can really say is that BTC is down 0.26 percent, while ETH is up 0.45 percent. This could just be nerves about the consumer sentiment data and the possibility that it may reveal something that could send the cryptos on a wild ride. Only time will tell.

What Should We Expect?

Ah, that’s the million-dollar (or 7,000 Bitcoin) question. If the consumer sentiment data turns out to be in their favour then BTC and ETH could be in for a bit of an upswing.

On the other hand, if the data is not so favourable then expect our crypto couple to be looking for the door very quickly.

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Time to Play it Cool

Whatever happens, the final take away is to keep your cool. If BTC and ETH were robots it would be so easy to shout at them and press a few buttons to make them go up or down.

Unfortunately though, they’re not robots and they don’t respond to commands. The best we can do is sit back, watch the candles and make sure we don’t do anything too rash. They’ve got this.

Above all else – don’t forget the popcorn!

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