A Whale Of A Good Time For ADA HODLers

It looks like it’s party time for Cardano holders. With the recent surge in market cap, leaving behind all other cryptocurrencies, ADA holders are feeling the rewards. So much so that record numbers of new wallets have been created over the last 5 days! And not just any wallets but 50,000 brand spanking new wallets! Who said cryptocurrency wasn’t fun?

ADA Sprints Ahead In 2021

Cardano’s success is definitely one for the books, having gone from merely hopeful at the start of 2021 to the fourth spot in terms of market cap in February. Things are still marching on for the crypto, as on Thursday it surpassed the Ethereum Classic for the third spot.

Buzz For The Books

The news has gotten crypto enthusiasts and traders talking, with Cardano hearing its fair share of hoorays and well-done’s. Among those buzzing are 50,000 newly formed wallets of eager new ADA owners, ready to buy in and enjoy the ride. Which is great news because it means more Cardano on the market and more support for it.

The Power Of The Whale

It’s no surprise that big investors are behind this climb, as it seems Cardano caught the eye of the so-called “whales” of the crypto world. With a market cap of over $45 billion, Cardano has managed to hold onto its spot and overcome its rivals daily. That status is reflected in the number of new wallets created, which is the highest it’s been since the beginning of 2019.

Buy The Dip?

ADA has been performing amazingly well and alongside Ethereum and Bitcoin is standing strong at the top. But what if, in a crypto holders worst nightmare, the ADA value goes through dips? The answer could just be: Buy the dip!. We’ve seen this period before, in August 2020, where the value dropped significantly only to be followed by months of growth and achievement. Sounds like the perfect opportunity. And, with 50,000 new wallets, it might be that everyone agrees.

Everyone Wins

It looks like this could be an exciting time for Cardano Hodders, with exciting times ahead. With the number of new wallets and new investors, sure Cardano will be getting tons of support. But more importantly, everyone in the crypto world wins. With Cardano’s success plenty of confidence will be placed in other cryptos, allowing blockchain and cryptocurrency to expand even further.