POST Giant Clover Partners up with Strike to Bring Millions of Merchants Into The Lightning Network

Are you a merchant who is tired of costly credit card fees? Or perhaps you have been longing for an upgrade from the legacy payment system that takes days or even weeks to process? Well, fear not – POS Giant Clover is partnering up with Strike to bring the Bitcoin Lightning Network to the masses!

What exactly is the Lightning Network? It is a revolutionary payment network that allows individuals to transact without having to wait to confirm each transaction. Just think, you can make and receive payments in an instant with near zero fees!

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How will the Partnership Work?

Strike will integrate the Lightning Network with Giant Clover’s Point of Sale (POS) machines, allowing millions of merchants to accept payments via Bitcoin lightning. Merchants utilizing the Giant Clover system will benefit from near-instant payments with no or low fees, unlike their current credit card payments that go through Payment Card Industry (PCI) which charges a fee and usually takes a few days to process.

What Benefits Can Merchants Expect?

Merchants that adopt the technology can look forward to:

  • Instant payments: No more waiting days or weeks for payments to clear. Payments made via the Lightning Network can be verified and processed with the click of a button.
  • Low or near-zero fees: Unlike traditional payment systems, payments made via the Lightning Network charge low or near-zero fees. This means more money in your pocket!
  • Security: Transactions being handled over the Lightning Network are encrypted and secure, meaning customers have peace of mind when making payments.

What’s Next?

Giant Clover and Strike are currently still in the process of integrating their technology. Fear not though, developers and merchants a like should expect to see the LEDGER partnership live and in action very soon!

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So the revolution is coming and it’s happening right now. With the POS Giant Clover and Strike partnership, millions of merchants can now enjoy the benefits of the revolutionary Lightning Network. It’s time to say goodbye to credit card fees and wait times, and say hello to near-instant payments and rock bottom fees!

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