Why The S&P 500 Could Send Bitcoin Soaring Higher

Bitcoin has been one of the hottest investment stories of the year and if stock market investors have anything to say about it, BTC could be heading higher. Here’s why the S&P 500 could be the key to unleashing serious crypto gains.

Stock Exchange Buzz

Word on Wall Street is that big things are brewing with Bitcoin and it looks like investor interest could drive up prices. The S&P 500 has been on a tear lately and the idea of investing in crypto could be just the spark that really sends bitcoin into the stratosphere.

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Big Investors: Brave Testers Or Cunning Price Manipulators?

The truth is, big investors have been heavily involved in the crypto market for some time now and many think they are testing the waters. Sure, they might be getting involved to test out the potential gains but some might view it as a stealthy way of manipulating prices higher.

Whatever the case, it looks like investors are taking aggressive positions and some moves could be coming to fruition soon.

How Crypto Stacks Up To The S&P 500

It’s always interesting to compare the stock market’s gains to those of the crypto markets. The S&P 500 has seen some serious gains this year, but nothing compared to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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This could indicate that we’re still in the early days of Bitcoin adoption, as it has yet to see a mainstream level of acceptance. That could all change soon, as the S&P 500 has the potential to really give BTC the boost it needs to really take off.

The Potential Is Endless

Needless to say, the potential for Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market is exciting. Investors around the world are eager to get in on the action, and if the S&P 500 can help them do so, the sky’s the limit for Bitcoin gains.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the real question is, can the S&P 500 really send Bitcoin soaring higher? The answer is a resounding “maybe” – but certainly not a “no”.

No one can predict the future, and we can never be sure if the stock market’s recent bump in popularity could lead to more Bitcoin gains. All we can say is, the potential is there and definitely something investors should keep an eye on!

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