Finally we all have something to shout about – Degoes and Avax are on a roll!

We’ve all heard the jokes about dogecoin and avax – doomed to fail in the stock market and nothing more than a meme currency. But it seems that the joke has been on us as these two have had a stellar Saturday!

DOGE Taking Us Sky High

Dogecoin managed to hit a 6-week high and we couldn’t be happier! After dipping to $0.43 at the start of the month, this was the perfect chance to jump back in – and that’s exactly what investors did.

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A Special-AVAX Makes an Impressive Gain

Avax has always been a favorite among crypto enthusiasts – and with an impressive 13% jump on Saturday, it’s not hard to see why. That puts the crypto at its highest point since the beginning of May – no small feat!

The Secret to Success

Maybe it’s the technology behind these coins, or maybe it’s the relative obscurity that’s kept them on the fringe of the financial world – whatever it is, the hype is definitely real. We even had companies like Tesla and Meitu walking back their doge investments – showing us just how real these coins have become!

Things to Keep an Eye Out For

So what does the future hold for these crypto rising stars? Well, blockchain is hot right now and more and more investors are jumping into the arena – so it’s likely that we’ll only see these figures continue to soar.

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Here’s a few things to watch out for:

  • How are the coins performing against other competitors?
  • What new innovations will come up that could help or hinder their success?
  • Can these coins continue to sustain their success in the long run?


It’s been an exciting weekend in the cryptosphere – and with the weekend coming to a close we can be sure that more good news is on its way. So, cling tight to your dogecoins and avaxes, there’s no telling what the future holds for them!

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