Cryp-to the Future: US Lawmaker Outlines Priorities to Make America the Place for Blockchain Innovation

As Crypto continues to grow, US regulators are looking to make sure America can stay ahead of the curve. In a recent announcement, Democrat Rep. Doris Matsui outlined her priority goals for the US to remain a leader in the blockchain space.

What Are The Goals?

Rep. Matsui has three main goals when it comes to legislating Crypto in the US:

  • Promoting Innovation – Matsui wants to make sure US developers can keep up with the rapidly-changing blockchain landscape
  • Protecting Consumers – Matsui wants to ensure law-abiding Crypto users are not taken advantage of and that the integrity of the markets is maintained
  • Growing Adoption – Matsui’s legislation aims to help adoption of technological and financial innovations, like blockchain and digital assets.

What Could This Mean?

If the legislation is successful, it could mean a whole new era for Crypto in the USA. One potential result is that it could create a more hospitable environment for blockchain and technology companies. These businesses don’t just create jobs – they create whole new industries, and that could be a real game-changer for the US economy.

It could also mean that users have greater confidence in the security of their investments. In order to ensure Crypto markets remain fair and balanced, it will require more regulation – something that Rep. Matsui’s proposed legislation is likely to provide.

What’s Our Take on This?

We think Matsui’s proposed legislation is a great step in the right direction. With the right regulations in place, US citizens can continue to innovate while having peace of mind that they’re investing safely.

Plus, with the US being at the forefront of this growing blockchain revolution, one day we could be looking back on this as the moment when the US re-solidified its place in the world.

In the immortal words of Doris Matsui – “C’mon, America – Cryp-to the Future!”