Threshold (T) Coin Explodes 146% And We Have To Ask: Why?!

So we’ve all heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin – they are all the rage since, you know, they are actually worth something. But did you know that there are other lesser known digital coins out there, like Threshold (T) Coin? What – you don’t? At least we hadn’t heard of it until it recently started shooting up in value by an amazing 146%!

So why is Threshold (T) coin exploding in value right now? Looks like its a combination of a few factors.

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Secure Network

The Threshold (T) coin network combines the security of a decentralized network with the speed of an on-chain transaction – a “faster, cheaper, and safer” experience. This means users can avoid worrying about potential network hacking, fraud or security breaches.

Usability and Adoption

Threshold (T) coin has a really friendly user interface and experience, which makes using and buying the coin easier than ever. It’s also become much easier to find places to buy and sell the coin now, making adoption of the coin much more likely. That’s why it’s not just developers who love Threshold (T) coin, regular people are also investing and buying it.


To spread the word and get more people on board, Threshold (T) coin offers incentives. This may come in the form of rewards, giveaways, or bonus coins. When more people join the network, the coin rewards and bonuses increase, leading to higher demand and therefore higher value.

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So there you have it! While Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are the coins that everyone is familiar with, don’t forget about the lesser-known coins like Threshold (T) coin. As we have seen in the past week, a combination of a secure network, easy usability, and incentives can make for a powerful combination and lead to amazing returns!

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