Bringing Bitcoin to the Bank: Institutional Investors Betting Big on BTC

Picture this: Wall Street-types taking risks on Bitcoin. ‘What, those conservative bankers?’, you might ask. Believe it or not, institutional investors have big plans for Bitcoin in 2021. A survey of 130-odd institutional investors forecasts that BTC will reach as high as $100K. Yes, read that right – one hundred thousand dollars!

Riding the Bitcoin wave

This survey points to one thing – institutional investors aren’t fazed by the erratic nature of crypto markets. In fact, they are prepared to take on risks and wager on BTC. Well, what do the institutional investors expect?

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Forecasting a strong year for Bitcoin

According to the survey, 65% of institutional investors expect Bitcoin to rise as high as $100K in ’21, and 18% expect BTC to reach between $50-100K. That’s not all. Over 55% of respondents forecast that Bitcoin will grow by more than 10% this year.

Taking the ‘safe’ road with Bitcoin

Would it surprise you to learn that institutional investors prefer to go for the ‘safe’ option? Rest assured, that doesn’t apply to BTC. It turns out that institutional investors are happy to take risks on Bitcoin. After all, why miss out on a chance to have a Bitcoin windfall?

So, what do institutional investors look for?

Here’s a handy checklist of what institutional investors look for when it comes to Bitcoin:

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  • Security: Institutional investors want to feel certain that their holdings are safe. This means keeping their funds secure against hackers, phishers, etc.
  • Liquidity: In other words, how quickly they can convert their cryptocurrencies into other currencies.
  • Regulations: Institutional investors need to understand the legal considerations before making a commitemnt to Bitcoin.
  • Reputability: Many investors in the survey chose ‘reputable’ firms such as Fidelity and Coinbase for their BTC investments.

So there you have it. Institutional investors are betting big on Bitcoin – it looks like 2021 is going to be a strong year for BTC. Time to grab your slice of the digital pie before it’s gone.

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