NFT Collector Who Fell For A Phishing Scam Takes OpenSea To Court

The never-ending fluctuating NFT market has come to a standstill today when one of the avid NFT collectors has taken OpenSea to court. It appears the collector, who wanted to remain anonymous, has been a victim of a phishing scam and claims OpenSea could have done more to protect its users.

The Fraudulent Deal

The collector had found a rare DC comic NFT up for sale on OpenSea and had jumped at the chance to grab it. The NFT was a 1-of-1 and was being sold for 1000ETH. Excited by their find and keen to purchase it, they transferred the funds and waited.

Little did they know that they were in the middle of a phishing scam. As soon as they had transferred the funds, the seller vanished off the face of the Earth, taking the ETH and the NFT with them!

The Legal Action

Unhappy with the situation, the collector has taken matters into their own hands and is now taking OpenSea to court to represent those who have been affected by this scam.

Their argument is that OpenSea could have done more to protect its users against this type of fraud, and they are demanding compensation for the lost funds and the lost NFT.

OpenSea has yet to comment on the matter, though we’ll keep an eye out for further news.

Our Advice?

We don’t want to be too serious here, so let’s lighten this article up with some advice: When dealing with NFTs, always proceed with caution!

Be sure to do your research on any vendors you’re buying from and make sure they’re reputable. Additionally, it’s always wise to double check any communications from vendors, making sure they haven’t been tampered with.

And remember, if it seems too good to be true… it probably is!

Let’s hope the collector in question has some success with their case, both for their own sake and that of the wider NFT community. Let’s see how this story develops.