White House Readies Roadmap to ‘Battle Extraterrestrial Crypto Threats’

It looks like the White House has finally taken notice of the looming crypto threats that have everyone worried. They announced the launch of a new roadmap to “battle the extraterrestrial crypto threat”. Yes, you read that right, extraterrestrial.

What’s the Plan?

Apparently, the plan is to “leverage the insights of industry and other non-governmental experts” in order to come up with a coherent strategy to mitigate the risks of cryptocurrency. Here’s a summary of their plan:

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  • Identify the technologies and trends impacting the evolution of cryptocurrency and its associated infrastructure, including distributed ledger technologies.
  • Foster a healthy, risk-managed marketplace. Develop measures to promote and enhance cybersecurity for users and operators, manage fraud, and promote consumer protection.
  • Manage international engagement. Develop a strategy for understanding and engaging with foreign powers, nations and organizations.
  • Assess the economic implications of cryptocurrency. Develop a strategic framework for monitoring both the short and long-term economic impacts of digital currency.

It’s all a little vague at this point and it’s hard to say what the end result of all of this will be. But hey, at least the White House is doing something!

What About the Aliens?

Ah, yes. The part everyone was really waiting for. You see, part of the plan includes “communicating the potential hazard associated with extraterrestrial cryptocurrencies, agents and decentralized organizations”.

In other words, the White House is on the lookout for any signs of an alien invasion through the use of cryptocurrency. We don’t know what kind of measures they’ll be taking to combat such a threat, but it looks like the President will be ready if aliens ever decide to pay us a visit.

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In Conclusion…

At this point it’s hard to tell what the final outcome of all this will be, but something is better than nothing.

We can only hope that the White House’s efforts will be enough to keep us safe from not only the human threats that come with cryptocurrency, but also any alien ones as well.

Until then, we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what the final roadmap looks like.

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