Dogecoin: Can Elon Musk’s McDonald’s Offer Give DOGE A ‘Happy’ Price?

Oh boy, do Dogecoin HODLers have a reason to be, well, doggone thrilled!

Recent news that the world’s biggest restaurant chain is accepting the beloved meme-coin stirred up the interests of many. Could this be the reason why loyal followers of the Doge should break out the party hat and kazoo? Let’s take a look!

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McDoge: Is A Price Pump Coming?

Before we make any assumptions, let’s first consider the effects that partnerships like these could have on the Dogecoin price. Imagine after every order of a Big Mac with a side of Fries comes a couple thousand dollars back to your wallet.

Alright, so perhaps the elephant-sized amount of money won’t be completely transferred to the lucky customer’s wallet — but the visibility that McDonald’s adds to DOGE is no small potatoes!

Mission Accomplished: What’s The Endgame?

It’s no secret that Dogecoin has been receiving some serious attention lately. But what’s the goal here? Obviously, the endgame would ultimately be to make it accepted by mainstream financial companies again. This McDonald’s partnership could be the beginning of some huge changes.

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As we all know, baby steps are essential when it comes to any goal. This could certainly be the case with Dogecoin’s comeback — and the future looks promising!

What Now?

Now that the door is kind of open, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before DOGE starts seeing more exposure. Will Elon Musk’s offer be enough to give Dogecoin some long-awaited good news?

Well, here are a few Things CorgiCoiners Can Do To Spread The Word About Doge:

  • Talk to Friends: Nothing is more valuable than a real-life conversation! Let your friends know you’re passionate about Doge.
  • Host A Local Event: Have everyone meet up in a centralized area. Distribute flyers and educate your community on what Dogecoin is all about.
  • Social Media: If the first two weren’t your cup of tea, consider getting the word out on Twitter and YouTube.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of this offer from Elon Musk remains to be seen. But as long as we’re talking about it, the Dogecoin price could very well receive a happy-go-lucky boost!

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