Twitter Prepping for Payments: Bitcoin and Crypto Possibly Included!

We were all surprised to hear the news that Twitter is prepping for payments – and that could mean including Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment solutions. Well, you’re not the only one intrigued! According to Financial Times, the company is planning to launch its own payments system, but there are no details yet on what type of payment solutions they plan to offer. We can dream, right?

What We Know So Far

The report states that Twitter is in talks with a variety of companies, including pay-later platform Stripe, to possibly launch a payments service. While the details of the plans haven’t been made public yet, Twitter reportedly could be in talks with “several companies” who are pushing for the integration of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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The Sound of Crypto Rejoicing

If Twitter really is planning to include cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, as payment solutions – then you can hear the cheers of the crypto world all the way to the moon! And though nothing has been confirmed yet – this news could be a huge advancement for cryptocurrencies, as could be one of the biggest platforms in the world promoting the use of crypto.

Why Bitcoin and Crypto?

If the reports are true, then Twitter’s move to consider this method of payments would certainly be one of the most significant moments for the crypto world so far. Blockchain experts may think that crypto-based payments systems could simplify the process of data and financial flow, reducing costs and quickly send payments across international borders, as payments made in Bitcoin can reach the recipient within minutes.

What To Expect

For now, we can only wait for more clarity on this matter. Twitter could offer its users a wide range of new payment options, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being a possibility. With that being said, there is also the possibility of Twitter implementing an entirely different type of payment solution that doesn’t include crypto – so we can only wait and see what the company has up their sleeve!

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But, no matter the outcome – one thing is certain: the crypto world will be keeping a close eye on this development – and whether or not Twitter really is accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment solutions.

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