Crypto-Revolution On The Rise In The U.S Capitol?

Is the biggest cryptocurrency revolution taking place in Washington D.C.?

The world of cryptocurrency is never short of surprises. Who would have thought that one day a U.S. Senator would write a resolution encouraging Capitol gift shops to accept cryptocurrency? Yes, you heard it right!

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming has introduced a resolution that advises Capitol gift shops to implement cryptocurrency payment options on their signs or websites. According to Senator Lummis, this initiative would be an “ideal opportunity to showcase the power and promise of blockchain technology.” We’d say it would be an ideal opportunity for DC tour guides to make some surefire investments in Bitcoin over their lunchbreaks…

This resolution is part of Senator Lummis’ larger agenda to bring blockchain technology into the mainstream. But we can’t help but wonder – do Capitol gift shops really need to accept cryptocurrency payment options? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons:

The Pros

  • It will be a huge publicity and branding coup for the Capitol gift shops.
  • If the gift shops accept cryptocurrency, it will be a major milestone in the promotion of blockchain technology.
  • It would make it easier for tourists, particularly those from abroad, to make payments.

The Cons

  • The District of Columbia has relatively low-adoption of digital currencies, and so it may not be financially viable for the shops.
  • It could cost Capitol gift shops money if the payment option goes unused.
  • The technology is still in its early stages, so there could be some glitches.

At the end of the day, this resolution is still just that – a resolution. There is no indication that the gift shops are actually going to implement cryptocurrencies any time soon. But, it would certainly be cool to see the biggest names in U.S. politics make their mark in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

So, who knows? Maybe in the very near future, we will all be able to pay for our souvenirs at the Capitol using Bitcoin!

That would be a revolution of epic proportions!