Alameda Research is seeing dollar signs

Alameda Research, the crypto trading and investment arm of FTX, is after a big payday! The company has filed a lawsuit against Voyager Digital for $446 million in what it’s calling “preferential transfers”. Hey, Voyager — don’t forget to pay your parking meters!

What Happened?

If you thought this money was just handed to the Voyager team with a large bow, think again. Alameda Research is claiming that Voyager bizarrely gave away their own cryptocurrency, tokens, and cash to other entities when they ran into financial trouble.

If true, this really puts a damper on the financial situation of Voyager and any other entities that received the money. After all, you don’t just let your money float away without any sort of real benefit.

Why is Alameda Suing?

The lawsuit alleges that Alameda Research was one of the entities to receive supposed preferential transfers, totaling to a whopping $446 million. According to the lawsuit, Alameda is looking for the court to restore the transfers and pay them back for the losses incurred.

The Fallout

This isn’t the first time (and won’t be the last!) that financial disagreements have rocked the crypto world. But this Alameda/Voyager lawsuit is certainly one of the bigger ones.

If Alameda Research is able to win the case, this could have a severe effect on the financial standing of Voyager Digital. On the other hand, if Voyager is able to fight the claim, they may be able to salvage their current monetary position.

Final Thoughts

Whenever money is involved, things tend to get a little testy. This situation is no exception. Whether or not Alameda Research will get their $446 million remains to be seen. But one thing is certain – all eyes are on this dispute as it moves forward.

Whatever the outcome, hopefully all entities involved can find resolution and put this issue to rest.