Arbitrum-Based Vest Exchange Emerges, Aims to Democratize Perpetual Futures

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of trading derivatives without being stifled by pesky government regulations? Your prayers have been answered! Arbitrum is here to make your financial dreams come true with their Vest Exchange which aims to democratize perpetual futures.

What is Vest?

Vest is a decentralized, multi-chain platform which connects buyers, sellers and other agents within a single interactive market. The platform is powered by Arbitrum, an advanced blockchain-based platform that allows users to harness the power of smart contracts while keeping transaction costs low.

Why Is Vest Special?

Vest sets itself apart from other exchanges by offering two key features that other platforms lack:

  • Low Fees: As Vest is powered by Arbitrum, trading fees are significantly lower than traditional exchanges.
  • Decentralized Governance: Vest relies on community consensus for decision-making, allowing users to have a real say in the platform’s direction.

Who Is Behind Vest?

Vest is the brainchild of Ohad Asor, an experienced trader and technology entrepreneur who has spent the past decade helping develop innovative financial services. Ohad has been working with a team of engineers and lawyers to design a platform that is both user-friendly and compliant with all applicable regulations.

What Has Made Vest Possible?

Arbitrum is the driving force behind Vest, as it enables unrestricted trading of derivatives in a trustless, decentralized and cost-effective manner. This opens the door for a new generation of traders to enter the derivatives markets without having to worry about the burdens of traditional exchanges.

Final Thoughts

Vest is an exciting new platform that could revolutionize the derivatives markets. By utilizing the power of Arbitrum, Vest is able to lower transaction fees and bring the power of decentralization to the trading world. So what are you waiting for? Get Vest-ed and start trading like the derivatives don of your dreams!