Can The Federal Reserve Stop The Crypto Bull Run?

Cryptocurrency investors around the world have been waiting for the moment when Bitcoin and other cryptos reach their all-time highs. As crazy as it may sound, some of them even dream that the Federal Reserve can do something to stop it. But can the Fed really pull the plug on the crypto bull run?

What Is The Federal Reserve?

The Federal Reserve System (Fed for short) is the United States central banking system. Its job is to oversee the country’s monetary and financial policy, with the goal of keeping the economy stable. The Fed can influence financial markets and the money supply in different ways, including setting interest rates and purchasing government securities.

What Is A Bull Run?

A bull run is a period of strong growth in markets, usually lasting 2-4 months. During this time, many asset prices increase significantly, often to new highs. The crypto bull run we’re experiencing now began in April, and since then Bitcoin has more than tripled in value.

Can The Fed Stop The Crypto Bull Run?

Likely not. What the Fed can do, however, is make the bull run come to an abrupt halt. They can do this by raising interest rates and making it more expensive to borrow money. This means that people and institutions would be less likely to invest in cryptos, causing prices to drop. But in reality, the Fed’s influence is limited. People are still investing in cryptos despite the rising interest rates, so it’s unlikely that a rate hike would have a major effect.


In conclusion, it’s almost certain that the Federal Reserve won’t be able to stop the crypto bull run. But even if they could, it would be a rather silly move. After all, what better way to destroy the value of money than to artificially manipulate the markets with policy decisions?

At the end of the day, the crypto bull run is a story of people who are seeing real value and investing in it. It would be foolish for anyone to think that the Fed could do anything to stop this wave of enthusiasm.