Ethereum to Reach Peak of $2,474 Per Token in 2023? Crypto and Fintech Experts Say it’s Possible!

The crypto and fintech industry have been abuzz recently due to the results of a Finder survey conducted among experts, which revealed that they believe that Ethereum could reach peak of $2,474 per token in 2023. Whoa.

Survey of Crypto and Fintech Experts

The survey was conducted in order to assess opinion about the future of Ethereum – the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap – among experts of the crypto and fintech field. Incredibly, nearly all of the experts predicted that Ethereum will hit this peak point, with some even backing up their theories with solid evidence.

One expert explained that Ethereum will build upon its strengths as a cryptocurrency platform and develop more services on top of it, such as new tokens, smart contracts, and more. The combination of a rising demand for DeFi (decentralized finance) and a growing demand for digital payments will help to drive Ethereum’s value higher.

Not So Fast Say Others

Of course, not everyone is convinced. Some experts argue that the underlying blockchain technology is still too difficult for mainstream adoption, and that this could stem Ethereum’s growth. Besides, Ethereum has some significant competition from major networks like Tron and Ripple, which may make it difficult for it to stand out.

What Does This All Mean?

At the end of the day, there’s no way to know for sure what the future holds for Ethereum. But if the survey of crypto and fintech experts is anything to go by, it looks like Ethereum could be on its way to a peak of $2,474 per token in 2023.

And in the inevitable words of Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber: “So you’re saying there’s a chance!”