Welcome to The Future: Strike Launches Instant, Cheap Remittances For The Philippines Using Bitcoin Lightning

Strike Gives Filipinos Access to Swift and Inexpensive Money Transfers

Do you often send money to your family in the Philippines? Whether you send small regular amounts or larger one-time transfers, you know that is not always an affordable or speedy process. Until now.

Strike’s groundbreaking new product is an innovative way to send money to the Philippines almost instantly, and for a much lower cost than most current methods. Strike’s lightning fast, near-zero cost remittances (using Bitcoin Lightning) will revolutionize international money transfers.

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Strike Makes Money Transfers As Easy and Cheap As Sending a Text

That’s right – Strike offers a convenient and user-friendly way to send money overseas with no hassle. All you have to do is:

  • Register and verify an account – Within minutes, you can become a verified Strike user and start making payments.
  • Link a Bank Account – Link your existing bank account and send money directly to the Philippines.
  • Send Money – Send money with just a few clicks of the mouse – almost instantly.

Lightning Fast and Secure Transfers

Strike transfers money over Bitcoin Lightning with lightning-fast speed, usually finalized within minutes. You can rest assured that your money is secure – all payments are protected by two-factor authentication and industry-leading encryption.

Lower Your Remittance Costs With Strike

Say goodbye to expensive money transfers! Strike’s lightning-fast remittances often cost less than one Philippine peso to send, saving you money every time you make a payment.

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A Bright Future for International Payments

Strike is a pioneer in providing affordable and fast payments to the Philippines. With its revolutionary lightning-fast remittance product, Strike is pushing boundaries and making a brighter future for everyone.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Started With Strike Today

It’s time to make your money transfers lightning-fast and inexpensive – make the switch to Strike today!

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