Elon Musk Now Have Plans With Dogecoin – Literally, Mars!!

We all know Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency craze of 2021, and now its founder, Jackson Palmer, has elicited new plans from Elon Musk on Twitter, his favorite platform.

The Dogecoin founder posted a tweet asking what the future holds for the popular crypto, and the Tesla founder didn’t disappoint with comedic response.

New Plan: To The Moon(literally)

Musk not only plans to take Dogecoin to the moon, but literally! He tweeted that his plan is to “take it to Mars too, if life on Earth gets too crazy.”

It seems Musk is thinking Dogecoin could be the first digital currency to make Mars home. Who knows, with all the money invested in this digital asset, the planet Mars might become the new Switzerland!

Not Just Moonshot Plans

It seems Elon and Dogecoin have more than just a Mars-bound vision, as Musk made it very clear in his tweets. Here’s a breakdown of his short-term plans for Dogecoin:

  • Make Community Stronger – Musk plans to expand the Dogecoin community and make it more resilient. He wants to diversify its members to make it a larger, more robust community.
  • Make Transactions Faster – To further its potential as a currency, Musk wants to enable faster transactions and make “Dogecoin useful for daily transactions.”
  • Focus On Education – Musk also wants to keep Dogecoin user-friendly and easy-to-use, so he plans to focus on education. He wants to teach users how to buy and use Dogecoin, and run businesses with it.

The Future Is Now

It looks like 2021 will be the year of Dogecoin, and Musk intends to make sure it’s a success! With his eccentric style and clear vision, it looks like we’re in for a wild ride as Dogecoin looks to dominate the cryptocurrency market.

So buckle up, everyone! And make sure you invest wisely!