Luxor Tech Unveils a Game Changing Bitcoin Mining ASIC RFQ Platform

The technophiles over at Luxor Technologies, have been hard at work developing a cutting edge ASIC request-for-quote (RFQ) platform— specifically designed for Bitcoin mining. This is revolutionary stuff any way you spin it.

Here’s Why It Matters for Bitcoin Mining

This new platform displaces the traditional methods used in the purchasing process and allows manufacturers to have direct contact with potential customers. It’s expected to eliminate the unnecessary inefficiencies of outdated methods, speed up the entire process, and help reduce costs.

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The goal of the platform appears to be centered around providing transparent communication and building trust in the industry. Through their innovative technology and systems, they’re streamlining the whole purchasing process and providing additional value to customers and manufacturers alike.

How It Works

Here’s a brief synopsis of the platform’s current framework:

  • Communication occurs in real-time, which increases the speed of the process and strengthens customer-manufacturer relationships.
  • Manufacturers present “all-in-one” ASIC packages to customers, that cover a range of fields such as raw unit cost, installation, delivery and maintenance.
  • Manufacturers have access to detailed customer requirements, which helps them quickly formulate a competitive offer giving them a competitive edge.
  • The platform’s “full traceability” concept helps customers visualise their purchasing system and track the transaction.

It’s About Damn Time

It’s about time the purchasing process for Bitcoin mining got an upgrade. The platform’s helpful features are sure to revolutionise the entire industry. After all, mining for bitcoins is serious business and miners can’t afford to deal with slow communication and inefficient processes.

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Kudos to Luxor Technologies for taking a giant step forward and making the whole process much smoother for everybody— let’s just hope the platform lives up to the hype. You never know, maybe it’ll become the “Bitcoin mining equivalent of”. We’ll have to wait and see.

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