Say Good-bye to Mining Rig Loans From Bankprov!

Massachusetts-based Bankprov has announced that it is bringing an end to its loan offerings secured by cryptocurrency mining rigs. Fear not, however, for you can still potentially profit from the wild ride of cryptocurrency without all the hardware and sale of precious metals with Bankprov’s new investments.

What Does Bankprov’s Announcement Mean?

Put simply, Bankprov is no longer offering loans that are secured by assets such as cryptocurrency mining rigs – so if you’ve been planning to borrow money to purchase one of these, you’ll have to come up with some other form of collateral.

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What Else Has Bankprov Announced?

For those who still wish to dip their toes into the mysterious waters of cryptocurrency, Bankprov has announced a new range of investments that may bring higher returns than ever before.

So What Are These Investments?

Good question! Some of the more exciting investments include:

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  • Hedging & Peak Oil Investments – If you thought that investing in oil was already risky enough, Bankprov’s new hedging & peak oil investments are even more daring. These are bets placed against the volatility of different fuel markets, and could result in significant gains – or losses – depending on market conditions.
  • Cryptocurrency ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds are a great way to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies without having to actively buy and manage them. Bankprov offers a range of ETFs that allow investors to passively diversify their portfolios and potentially benefit from the cryptocurrency bull run.
  • BLOQs – BLOQs, or Blockchain-based Online Queries, offer investors a way to enter the world of cryptocurrency speculation without the need for complicated technology. Investors are able to stake BLOQs to receive a portion of any gains generated by the query, while also having the option to sell their stake should they wish.

A Farewell To Mining Rig Loans

And so, with Bankprov’s announcement, it’s time to say farewell to mining rig loans forever. But don’t despair – after all, with the new range of investments on offer, there’s still plenty of potential gain in cryptocurrency yet to be realized.

So get out there and start investing…just make sure you don’t end up saying goodbye to all your money, that might not be so fun!

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