Crypto Miners Left in the Dust!

The bear market of 2018 certainly left its mark on the cryptocurrency world. While the gold miners in Fort Knox are cashing in, poor Bitcoin miners have been left to pick up the pieces of a lost 2018.

Oh, the Struggle!

It’s no secret that the volatility of the crypto market has put a (literal) damper on the mining operations of the past two years. So, while those Fort Knox miners are freshening up their carat collections, what hopes can we have for the Bitcoin miners?

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When Losses Are the Norm

Well, it’s hard to say that things are looking up, given the current market conditions. Most miners in the crypto sphere are dealing with debt and underfunded operations, and at no time was this more true than in the past two years. But, who says there isn’t hope?

Keeping Calm & Mining On

It takes a special kind of person to keep their head up, keep their machine running, and stay positive. Here’s a few qualities of those folks who are still in it for the long haul:

  • Patience – never giving up when times get tough
  • Adaptability – being willing to switch to new strategies that could provide better results
  • Resilience – reading up on the current market conditions and keeping up with the latest news

The Glimmer of Hope

It looks pretty bleak, but there is hope. Even in the wake of the bear market, blockchain technology is advancing and Bitcoin prices are starting to recover. The recent spike in Bitcoin’s price certainly gives cause to believe that miners can make a comeback.

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Another reason to stay optimistic is that most of the big crypto exchanges and institutions are setting in motion new plans that could improve the crypto landscape. Will it be enough to see miners return to their former glory? Only time will tell!


Though things have looked grim for crypto miners in recent years, it is possible to make a comeback. With patience, adaptability, and resilience, the Fort Knox miners could have some serious competition from the brave Bitcoin miners who have hung in there through thick and thin.

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