Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Celebrates As Bitcoin Breaks Above $24,000! Big Day For Crypto Bulls

It’s been a long, wild ride for crypto bulls, but now their patience has been rewarded as Bitcoin breaks above $24,000, taking it to fresh all-time high. So who better to celebrate this momentous occasion than Tesla and SpaceX billionaire (and crypto mascot), Elon Musk?

Crypto Bulls Rejoice!

The landmark event comes as the crypto world has been in a euphoric state of anticipation for days, as the price of Bitcoin surged to all-time high after all-time high. But there’s a sense that no one has been more pleased than Elon Musk, who has taken the helm of the crypto industry this past year, from investing $1.5B in Bitcoin to supporting–and even hosting!–crypto memes on his Twitter account.

elon Musk Joins Crypto Frenzy

It’s clear that Musk is all in: Shortly after Bitcoin broke the $24,000 mark, Musk took to Twitter to drop a classic crypto meme (with rocket emojis, of course):

“To the moon”

It was the perfect way to celebrate the momentous occasion, and of course, the cryptocurrency world rejoiced in response.

What’s Next For Crypto?

The question now is whether Bitcoin can keep pushing higher–or will it crash back down? After all, one analyst has already predicted that Bitcoin could hit as high as $100,00 in the near future.

The other question for crypto enthusiasts is, what other coins may follow in Bitcoin’s footsteps? Ethereum and Litecoin are already showing signs of life, but there are other promising altcoins out there as well.

Crypto Newbies Take Note!

For those who are just getting into crypto, now is the time to do your homework and research carefully. Do your due diligence and make sure you’re investing in the right coins. And whatever you do, don’t forget to hashtag “to themoon” otherwise you might miss out on the Elon Musk-fueled crypto bull-run that’s happening right now!

Good luck and safe investing!