How To Get People To Run Those Annoying Nostr Relays

You know what I hate? Trying to use Nostr to do something important and being held up by one of its slow-as-a-slug-ripping-through-molasses relays. It’s the most frustrating thing ever, and I know a lot of other users feel the same.

The Problem

The problem is that Nostr can only process data so quickly, and that speed is drastically reduced when relays are needed. Everyone hates using them, and they sometimes take forever, especially when trying to load something that requires a lot of data, like photos or videos. And with more and more people using Nostr to communicate and process data, all of those users are going to be affected, which is why it’s so important to incentivize people to run those pesky relays.

The Solution

There are a few different ways to incentivize people to run relays:

  • Financial Incentives: People can be given financial rewards for running relays. This will obviously cost a bit of money, but it’s better than having users suffer through slow speeds.
  • Free Gifts: People can get free gifts for running relays as a reward. This could range from small things like mugs, to bigger items like free subscriptions or discounts at specific stores.
  • Badges of Honor: People can also be given badges of honor for running relays. This will give them the recognition for their work, which could be quite rewarding.

All of these incentives will help to encourage people to use Nostr more, as well as increasing its speed. And as a bonus, they might even make using Nostr a lot more fun!


Nostr is an amazing platform, but it can only reach its full potential if it can get people to run relays. The best way to do that is to incentivize users with financial, gift-based and honorary rewards. So let’s all do our part and start running those pesky relays so that everyone can enjoy a faster, better Nostr experience!