Binance is Back in South Korea!

If you love Binance and South Korean crypto, this news is a gift from the cheeriest of birds: Binance is back in South Korea, via their stake in the GOPAX exchange!

Yes, after a couple of years out, one of the world’s leading crypto-exchanges is moving ever closer to its goal of total, global domination. Of course, it’s all done in very a polite and civil way.

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What’s This Partnership All About?

The new partnership will see Binance take a “strategic stake” in the South Korean GOPAX exchange. GOPAX is a subsidiary of the South Korean streaming platform, Viva Republica, who owns Toss, a popular payment platform in the country.

Though exact details are hard to come by, it’s expected that Binance and Viva Republica will work together on “cooperation and progress of blockchain technology…” i.e. more crypto related initiatives in South Korea.

What Are the Benefits?

Both sides stand to gain a lot from the new partnership.

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For Binance, it gives them access to the South Korean crypto market – a market they’ve been dying to get back into since 2017. For Viva Republica, the deal provides Binance’s experience in scaling, product, and listing know-how, which should help to improve their current platforms.

What an Expoiting Re-entry!

It’s clear that Binance’s return to South Korea is going to cause a few waves in the market. Not only is Binance a popular, well-respected brand, but they also bring with them a set of capabilities and expertise that will be of great benefit to the South Korean crypto market.

We can’t wait to see what new projects, developments and innovations their return brings with them. But one thing’s for sure, it certainly looks like another successful move by the crypto giants!

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